Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did You Know :: Jamie Brunson

Jamie Brunson :

  • Studied at the California College of the Arts (BFA, 1978), and at Mills College (MFA, 1983).
  • Produced pattern-based paintings from 1995-2004 that were inspired by ornamental motifs she had seen in her travels to ancient historic and religious sites around the world, and by her kundalini meditation practice.
  • Teaches painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and at San Francisco State University.
  • Works also as a writer and critic, and has published essays in Artweek, Art Issues, and Artspace.
  • Works also as a curator, having organized exhibitions of West Coast pattern-based painting that opened at the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, CA, in 2001.
  • Fascinated by global religious traditions. In fact, the title of her work in our collection, Krishna Lila, refers to the devotional music of Hindu India. The Sanskrit word for Krishna, krsna, means “black,” “dark,” or “dark blue”—the color of the piece.
  • Encourages contemplation and spiritual reflection. She is interested in both the spiritual implications of patterns as well as the role they play in cultural transmission.
Of special note:
Nevada Museum of Art Volunteer Meg Watson made the Brunson acquisition possible, in memory of her mother.